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The specification of adding temporary file attribute to the image files when remote shooting has been changed. Please note: PowerShot A80 and Digital IXUS i are not suported in this release.

Version   2.7.4R2

Released on   12-03-2004


Improvement in this Update Installer

The updated version of RemoteCapture has been improved in the communication with EOS-1D/EOS-1Ds from the previous versions bundled with the camera. (Ver 2.7.0 - 2.7.4)

  • Communication error occurs in certain environment, but now happens far less frequently.
  • OS hung-up problem with dual processor machines has been resolved, this occurred when the FireWire cable is not plugged in during the communication.


  1. Download the Update Installer to the Mac.
  2. Extract the file to your Mac.
  3. Double-click 'RemoteCapture Installer' which is located inside the extracted 'RemoteCapture 2.4.7R2' folder and installation of the updater starts automatically.
  4. Follow the installer instructions.

How to check the version of RemoteCapture 2.7.4R2

To check the installed version of RemoteCapture is already updated two files should be checked on their version number. Select the RemoteCapture application icon and choose Get Info from the File Menu. Once this new version is installed, the correct RemoteCapture version should be ''. Then select 'FWDslr_x.bundle'. Its' version should be ''. If the version number don't match those listed, re-install RemoteCapture 2.7.4R2.


Operating system(s): Mac OS X 10.1.X, Mac OS X 10.2.x
Language(s): French
Interface PDL:
Below are the available downloads. Depending on the file, you may be asked to enter the serialnumber of the product. Please have it ready for your convenience.


File size
k4202frx.sit.bin 3898.25 Kb.

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Supported product(s)

  Digital IXUS 400
  Digital IXUS II
  Digital IXUS v
  Digital IXUS v2
  Digital IXUS v3
  EOS 10D
  EOS 1D
  EOS 1Ds
  EOS D30
  EOS D60
  PowerShot A10
  PowerShot A100
  PowerShot A20
  PowerShot A200
  PowerShot A30
  PowerShot A300
  PowerShot A40
  PowerShot A60
  PowerShot A70
  PowerShot G1
  PowerShot G2
  PowerShot G3
  PowerShot G5
  PowerShot Pro90 IS
  PowerShot S30
  PowerShot S40
  PowerShot S45
  PowerShot S50

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