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PhotoStitch Updater for Windows

Version   3.1.20

Released on   31-10-2007


Changes in this version

  • Support added for LZW-compressed TIFFs
    It is possible to handle TIFFs editted with Windows Photo Gallery provided with Windows Vista.
  • Support added for Universal Binary (Macintosh only)


It is possible to use this software linked with ZoomBrowser EX or ImageBrowser but version 6.0 or later are required.


Operating system(s): Windows 2000 SP4, Windows Vista, Windows XP SP2
Language(s): English
Below are the available downloads. Depending on the file, you may be asked to enter the serialnumber of the product. Please have it ready for your convenience.


File size
k7a21enx.exe 5434.34 Kb.

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Supported product(s)

  Digital IXUS
  Digital IXUS 30
  Digital IXUS 300
  Digital IXUS 330
  Digital IXUS 40
  Digital IXUS 400
  Digital IXUS 430
  Digital IXUS 50
  Digital IXUS 500
  Digital IXUS 55
  Digital IXUS 60
  Digital IXUS 65
  Digital IXUS 70
  Digital IXUS 700
  Digital IXUS 75
  Digital IXUS 750
  Digital IXUS 800 IS
  Digital IXUS 850 IS
  Digital IXUS 860 IS
  Digital IXUS 900 Ti
  Digital IXUS 950 IS
  Digital IXUS 960 IS
  Digital IXUS i
  Digital IXUS i5
  Digital IXUS i7 zoom
  Digital IXUS II
  Digital IXUS II s
  Digital IXUS i zoom
  Digital IXUS v
  Digital IXUS v2
  Digital IXUS v3
  Digital IXUS Wireless
  EOS 10D
  EOS 1D
  EOS-1D Mark III
  EOS-1D Mark II N
  EOS 1Ds
  EOS-1Ds Mark II
  EOS-1Ds Mark III
  EOS 20D
  EOS 20Da
  EOS 30D
  EOS 40D
  EOS 5D
  EOS D30
  EOS D60
  MV6i MC
  PowerShot 30T
  PowerShot 350
  PowerShot 600
  PowerShot A10
  PowerShot A100
  PowerShot A20
  PowerShot A200
  PowerShot A30
  PowerShot A300
  PowerShot A310
  PowerShot A40
  PowerShot A400
  PowerShot A410
  PowerShot A420
  PowerShot A430
  PowerShot A450
  PowerShot A460
  PowerShot A5
  PowerShot A50
  PowerShot A510
  PowerShot A520
  PowerShot A530
  PowerShot A540
  PowerShot A550
  PowerShot A560
  PowerShot A570 IS
  PowerShot A5 zoom
  PowerShot A60
  PowerShot A610
  PowerShot A620
  PowerShot A630
  PowerShot A640
  PowerShot A650 IS
  PowerShot A70
  PowerShot A700
  PowerShot A710 IS
  PowerShot A720 IS
  PowerShot A75
  PowerShot A80
  PowerShot A85
  PowerShot A95
  PowerShot G1
  PowerShot G2
  PowerShot G3
  PowerShot G5
  PowerShot G6
  PowerShot G7
  PowerShot G9
  PowerShot Pro1
  PowerShot Pro70
  PowerShot Pro90 IS
  PowerShot S10
  PowerShot S1 IS
  PowerShot S20
  PowerShot S2 IS
  PowerShot S30
  PowerShot S3 IS
  PowerShot S40
  PowerShot S45
  PowerShot S50
  PowerShot S5 IS
  PowerShot S60
  PowerShot S70
  PowerShot S80
  PowerShot SX100 IS

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