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Digital Photo Professional Updater for Windows

Version   3.4.1

Released on   02-06-2008


Changesfor Digital Photo Professional 3.4
  • Supports Mac OS X v10.5 (Leopard) and Windows Vista ServicePack 1 (SP1)
  • Adds the luminance noise reduction function for TIFF/JPEGimages
    You can make this setting with the [Tool Palette] tab in[Preferences] and the [NR/LENS] tab from the tool palette.
  • Adds alens with the aberration collection function and supports the extender.
    Now supports sixteen more lenses. Newly supports the extender (EF1.4 XII and EF2 X II) to increase the variety in combinations.
    For supportedcameras and lenses, please see the Help file (or the User’s manual).
  • Fixes malfunctions
    Fixes a bug where RAW images shot with EOS 450D are not displayed inaccordance to the PictureStyle file settings.
Changesfor Digital Photo Professional 3.3
  • Supports EOS 450D
  • Adds acollection screen
    You can now choose images saved in differentlocations and display them on the same screen.
  • Improves adjustmentfunctions
    Extends the noise reduction adjustment range from 3-step(Off/Low/High) to 11-step (0 to 10).Adds [Default noise reduction settings] to the [Tool Palette] tab in[Preferences].
  • Adds [Display thumbnails at high quality] to the[General Settings] tab in [Preferences].
  • Supports more cameras andlenses with the lens aberration collection function.Adds support to EOS 450D and nine lenses.
Important Information
If youuse the Digital Photo Professional 3.4 remote capture function, it isalso necessary to download the latest version of EOS Utility (2.4 orlater).

Make sure that at least one of the following applications is installed.
- Digital Photo Professional
- EOS Viewer Utility
- File Viewer Utility
- RAW Image Task

If the applications above are not installed on a PC running WindowsVista, make sure that you prepare one of the following CD-ROMs.
- EOSDIGITAL Solution Disk v1 to v17.x
- DIGITAL CAMERA Solution Disk v2

Follow the on-screen instructions to complete theinstallation.
(If the User Account Control window appears, follow theon-screen instructions to proceed.)


Operating system(s): Windows 2000 SP4, Windows Vista 32bit, Windows Vista 64bit, Windows XP SP2
Language(s): English
Below are the available downloads. Depending on the file, you may be asked to enter the serialnumber of the product. Please have it ready for your convenience.


File size
k8523enx.exe 24114.34 Kb.

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