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Canon RAW Codec

Version   1.8

Released on   18-11-2010


Canon RAW Codec is a software plug-in that enables the import and display of Canon RAW image files when installed in Windows 7* / Vista (SP1/SP2) / Windows XP SP2 and Windows XP SP3.
Windows Imaging Component (WIC) supported applications (Microsoft Windows Live Photo Gallery etc.) are required.

Supported Models
EOS-1Ds Mark III, EOS-1Ds Mark II, EOS-1Ds, EOS-1D Mark IV, EOS-1D Mark III, EOS-1D Mark II N, EOS-1D Mark II EOS-1D, EOS 5D Mark II, EOS 5D, EOS 7D, EOS 60D, EOS 50D, EOS 40D, EOS 30D, EOS 20Da, EOS 20D, EOS 10D, EOS D60, EOS D30, EOS 550D, EOS 500D, EOS 450D, EOS 400D, EOS 350D DIGITAL, EOS 300D DIGITAL
PowerShot G12, PowerShot G11, PowerShot G10, PowerShot G9, PowerShot G6, PowerShot G5, PowerShot G3, PowerShot G2, PowerShot G1
PowerShot SX1 IS, PowerShot Pro1, PowerShot Pro90 IS
PowerShot S95, PowerShot S90, PowerShot S70, PowerShot S60, PowerShot S50, PowerShot S45, PowerShot S40, PowerShot S30

Changes made in Canon RAW Codec 1.8
Support added for EOS 60D, PowerShot G12 and PowerShot S95
Support for XMP rating system. The ratings in Files processed using this RAW codec are compatible with applications such as ZoomBrowser EX 6.6, Digital Photo Professional 3.9 and XMP compatible applications.

• 64-bit Operating systems are not supported
• Before installing Canon RAW Codec, install an application that supports Windows Imaging Component.
• If the Canon RAW Codec and the RAW image processing function (RAW Image Task) of Zoom Browser EX are used together, shooting data that has been edited by the Canon RAW Codec may be initialized and return to the settings for shooting. In order to prevent this phenomenon, it is necessary to use ZoomBrowser EX 6.0.1 (RAW Image Task 3.1) or later.
Please download the latest version of the software from here. ZoomBrowser EX
• There may be cases where the RAW file metadata edited on a computer on which the latest Canon RAW Codec is installed may not available for browsing under on computers with Canon RAW Codec 1.3 or earlier installed. When sharing a RAW file, please ensure the same version of the codec is used.
• Because there has been a change in the RAW image processing for the EOS DIGITAL products, there may differences in RAW image display and printing results when compared with those of Canon RAW Codec 1.3.0 or earlier.
* If the Canon RAW Codec is originally installed on a PC running Windows Vista that is subsequently upgraded to Windows 7 the codec may not function correctly.  If upgrading to Windows 7 from Windows Vista uninstall the Canon RAW Codec prior to upgrading and reinstall once the upgrade to Windows 7 is complete.


Operating system(s): Windows 7 32bit, Windows Vista 32bit, Windows XP SP2, Windows XP SP3
Language(s): English, French, German, Italian, Spanish
Below are the available downloads. Depending on the file, you may be asked to enter the serialnumber of the product. Please have it ready for your convenience.


File size 28586.66 Kb.

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Supported product(s)

  EOS 10D
  EOS 1D
  EOS-1D Mark III
  EOS-1D Mark II N
  EOS-1D Mark IV
  EOS 1Ds
  EOS-1Ds Mark II
  EOS-1Ds Mark III
  EOS 20D
  EOS 20Da
  EOS 30D
  EOS 40D
  EOS 450D
  EOS 500D
  EOS 50D
  EOS 550D
  EOS 5D
  EOS 5D Mark II
  EOS 60D
  EOS 7D
  EOS D30
  EOS D60
  PowerShot G1
  PowerShot G10
  PowerShot G11
  PowerShot G12
  PowerShot G2
  PowerShot G3
  PowerShot G5
  PowerShot G6
  PowerShot G9
  PowerShot Pro1
  PowerShot Pro90 IS
  PowerShot S30
  PowerShot S40
  PowerShot S45
  PowerShot S50
  PowerShot S60
  PowerShot S70
  PowerShot S90
  PowerShot S95
  PowerShot SX1 IS

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