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Canon CAPT Printer Driver for Linux
This software is a CAPT printer driver that provides printing functions for Canon LBP printers operating under the CUPS (Common UNIX Printing System) environment, a printing system that operates on Linux operating systems. To use this software, please read the online manual before installing the driver.

Version   2.20

Released on   26-01-2011


Operation check has been made on:
Turbolinux 10 Desktop
Turbolinux 10 F...
Turbolinux 10 S
Turbolinux FUJI
Turbolinux Home
MIRACLE LINUX V3.0(Asianux Inside)
MIRACLE LINUX V4.0(Asianux Inside)
Red Hat9
Red Hat Professional Workstation
Red Hat Enterprise Linux V.4
Red Hat Enterprise Linux V.5
Mandriva Linux One 2008
Mandriva Linux Powerpack 2008
Novell Linux Desktop9
SUSE Linux 10.0(openSUSE)
SUSE Linux 10.1(openSUSE)
SUSE Linux 10.2(openSUSE)
SUSE Linux 10.3(openSUSE)
SUSE Linux 11 (openSUSE)
SUSE Linux 11.1 (openSUSE)
Fedora Core 4
Fedora Core 5
Fedora Core 6
Fedora Core 7
Fedora 8
Fedora 9
Fedora 10
Fedora 11
Fedora 12
Fedora 13
Ubuntu 7.04 Desktop
Ubuntu 7.10 Desktop
Ubuntu 8.04 Desktop
Ubuntu 8.10 Desktop
Ubuntu 9.04 Desktop
Ubuntu 9.10 Desktop
Ubuntu 10.04 Desktop
Vine Linux 3.1/3.1CR
Vine Linux 4.1
Vine Linux 4.2
Debian GNU/Linux 3.1 rev2
Debian GNU/Linux 4.0
Debian GNU/ Linux 4.0r6 etchnhalf
Debian GNU/ Linux 5.02
Mandriva Linux 2008 Spring PowerPack
Mandriva Linux One 2009.0
Cent OS 5.3
Fedora 12
Fedora 13

Before you use this driver, you need to install Ghostscript which includes the common API.Please install the Ghostscript before you install the driver.
You can download from the following web site

This Software and Related Information are independently developed by Canon and distributed by Canon local company. Canon as manufacturer of printers supporting the Software and Related Information ('Canon Printers'), and Canon local company as selling agency of Canon Printers, do not receive any user support call and /or request or any requests for information about the Software and Related Information. Any demand for information about Canon Printers including information about the repair and supplies for Canon Printers should be directed to Canon local company.

NOTE: Print speed will be restricted to 10.8 ppm for the LBP3010 and LBP3100 when using this driver version.


Operating system(s): Linux (32-bit), Linux (64-bit)
Language(s): English
Below are the available downloads. Depending on the file, you may be asked to enter the serialnumber of the product. Please have it ready for your convenience.


File size
CAPT_Printer_Driver_for_Linux_V220_uk_EN.tar.gz 33762.26 Kb.

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Supported product(s)

  i-SENSYS LBP-2900
  i-SENSYS LBP3000
  i-SENSYS LBP3010
  i-SENSYS LBP3100
  i-SENSYS LBP3250
  i-SENSYS LBP3310
  i-SENSYS LBP5050
  i-SENSYS LBP5050n
  i-SENSYS LBP6000
  i-SENSYS LBP6300dn
  i-SENSYS LBP7200Cdn
  Laser Shot LBP-1120
  Laser Shot LBP-1210
  Laser Shot LBP2900
  LaserShot LBP3000
  Laser Shot LBP3300

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